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Changing from a system to combi boiler can be a real struggle, more so if it’s your first time trying to have a combi system in your property. Some clients avoid changing to a combi boiler and stick to their usual system boiler. This is usually the case with clients if you have a bigger property and require hot water from multiple outlets at the same time. However, as time goes, we get more advanced, and new solutions arise to common boiler problems.

Do You Need to Change to Combi System Boilers?

If you are concerned with energy efficiency, then you will need to upgrade to combi boiler. With these boilers, you will be able to save up to 40% on your energy bills. It is especially important to replace your 12-15-year-old boiler with a modern one as those can be extremely energy inefficient. The components of system boilers can consume a lot of energy, especially when you are using the older model.

Furthermore, if you are using a non-condensing boiler, you can save a lot of money since you will have your work done within the shortest time possible. Besides, if you don’t upgrade to the modern boiler, you will be losing £30 to £50 in energy bills.

Benefits of Changing to Combi Boilers 

  • Compared to the traditional energy boilers, you get high energy efficiency.
  • It offers an amazing space-saving solution since you will not need to have cylinder and attic tanks.
  • Combi boilers could be more energy efficient compared to conventional boilers.
  • With the latest condensing technology, modern boilers are more than 90% energy efficient.
  • If you get a boiler from the best UK boiler brands, you get 92-94% of efficiency.
  • System and regular boilers will provide you with hot water twice a day whether they are used or not.
  • In case the hot water is not used, the system cools down automatically, hence helping you to save energy.

Steps Involved in Combi Boiler Installation

Once you have decided that you are switching to a combi boiler, you need to know the steps involved. You can get an online boiler quote from a reputable boiler company. The quotes from online companies are usually free of charge, and they only take a few minutes. From that, you will get a rough estimate of what your boiler installation might cost. Now let’s delve into the steps involved in switching from upgrading to Combi Boiler.

  1. The current hot water system has to be completely drained.
  2. Get rid of the existing boiler to create enough room for the new one.
  3. If you want, get rid of the current controls and thermostat and embark on fitting central heating unit.
  4. Now start converting the old system into the latest combi boiler. You will need one more day to upgrade your old system to combi boiler fully.
  5. Carry out a combined power flush on the whole heating system.
  6. You will have to install magnetic filters.
  7. Install the latest intelligent and programmable thermostats.
  8. Adjust the smart thermostat to start working with the new boiler that you have installed.

How Difficult is it Changing from Old to Combi Boiler

Depending on the new boiler that you are shifting to, the process can be lengthy and quite tiresome. This is because you will have to work on new gas connections. Therefore, you will have to hire certified gas and safety-registered engineers. If they don’t have safety gears, you are likely to face substantial legal consequences that might even include prison time. This is why it is essential to hire gas cylinder experts who know what is expected of them to avoid possible issues. Here are additional reasons why you should hire certified gas cylinder engineers. Registered engineers spend at least five years to get the required level of experience, which is either five or ten years.

Here are other guidelines you should follow:

  • The law requires that you use flue gas analysis, which might cost you £500-£1000.
  • The gas law analysers must be thoroughly vetted and should have a certificate from the government.
  • The combi boiler should be checked to ensure that it is safe for household use.
  • The right materials from a reputable manufacturer must be used.

Experienced engineers know the steps involved in fitting central heating so that you get maximum benefits from your boiler as well as solving common boiler problems.

What is the Cost of Changing to a Combi Boiler?

Combi boiler prices vary depending on many factors. If you are working with junior engineers, you are likely to pay more compared to when you are working with junior technicians. Also, if you are interested in extra services, you will need to pay for the additional charges. Note that some extra services are necessary but can be done later if you are operating on a tight budget. Discuss the combi boiler prices with your preferred company before the process begins. Combi boiler installation requires that you plan ahead since it is quite involving.            

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