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If you wish to join the drive to reduce UK’s carbon footprint, then you need to upgrade your central heating system. A boiler is best suited to handle a large household. With the advancement in technology, manufacturers now create energy-efficient boilers easy to acquire through any boiler finance plan. This post will give you more details about a unique type of boiler and how it benefits homeowners.

There are alternative types of boilers including combination (combi) boilers and condensing boilers.

What Is A System Boiler?

This is a facility that directly heats your central heating system and lets out hot water for a storage cylinder. This system works with a conventional boiler to store hot water. What differentiates them from regular boilers is that they receive water supply directly from the mains. This means that it heats the water in a single storage cylinder. The hot water is then distributed to radiators, showers and taps. As a result, homeowners get hot water on demand instantaneously. This is why they are common in large homes that have a high demand for hot water.

Types of System Boilers

When shopping for this type of boilers, it is important to learn about the different fuel types in the market. What is your home’s connection to gas or power grid like? If you also prefer renewable energy sources, then there are common fuel sources that can power your boilers. They include the following:

Gas Boilers

Most homeowners who are connected to the gas grid opt for a gas boiler. Although this boiler requires a cylinder for storing hot water, the major heating and hot water system components are in-built. This is why the system is easy to install. You also don’t require a tank in the loft. Gas boilers are ideal for homes with little or no loft space.

Electric Boilers

Most of the new boilers in the market are electric. These types are usually more compact, efficient and cheaper to install than any other type. They are quite costly than other types of boiler. However, they are a excellent alternative for homes that are not connected to a gas line. Also considering the way they heat water, they are among the least wasteful options since there is minimal loss of heat.

Oil Fired Boiler

This type of boiler works just like a gas system. The boiler heats water which provides warmth to your home and hot water through the shower and taps. However, oil-fired boilers are quite big than the electric system.

Solar Boilers

These boilers are compatible with solar water heating system. They are environmentally beneficial and efficient for your energy bills. They don’t need a loft tank, which means you don’t have to worry about leaks or frost damage. The built-in components also make them easy to install and neater around your home.

Advantages of A System Boiler

You Don’t Need A Cold-Water Feed Tank

This system can be used with pressurised cylinders, which also saves up space. This means you don’t need an expansion and a cold-water feed tank. Therefore, homeowners without a loft can still have access to hot water.

It Is Compact

If you have limited space for a central heating system, then you need to consider this boiler. It uses up less space than the traditional boilers since they don’t have a cold water tank. As a result, you will only look for a small space where you will fit a hot water tank and the boiler.

Easy to Install

Installing this boiler is quicker and neater than regular boilers. Most of the individual components of the hot water system are in-built. Therefore, this system is compact and only fitted with a cylinder.

Works with Solar Water Heater

A good number of new boilers in the market today are compatible with solar water heating systems. The hot water tanks that come with the boilers can be changed or adapted to heat water using solar power. This is a great choice if you live in areas with an unreliable supply of electricity or gas.

Supplies Water to Several Taps

These boilers are common in big houses since they can supply hot water to several taps at once. They don’t interfere with the water pressure as they first heat the water before releasing it to the taps and shower. This makes them better than other types of boilers that struggle to heat the water when the taps are switched on. They are also fast and economical since they come with a pump. Consequently, they respond quickly and let you enjoy economic running costs.

With that said, you now understand why this type of boiler is common in homes that have a great demand for hot water. This also happens to be one of the cheapest type of boiler and hence comfortable to acquire through any boiler finance plan. Once you have your new boiler, consider hiring an expert to do the installation for you.

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