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New Boiler Cost? Read on!

The boiler is probably the most important technical item in your home whose contribution to the comfort of your home and your productivity in your daily life may go totally unnoticed until it doesn’t work. When this happens, you will want to call us at LS1 Boiler Installation to have a new boiler cost estimation. We deliver a free, no obligations quote backed by 100 years of combined expertise in the field and will do any boiler replacement efficiently and hassle free.

Boilers are complicated pieces of machinery and thus a new boiler cost can mean a very significant amount of your budget. The exact price depends on the different brands, sizes and types available.

We would also like to point out that a new boiler cost is often highly compensated by the savings you make thanks to your new boiler equipped with latest energy efficiency technology. After all, it is estimated that, in a regular household, half of your yearly energy expenses are due to your boiler’s normal functioning which means that the more efficient the boiler is the smaller your energy bill will be.

To further help you to take the most value out of your new boiler cost, we offer competitive boiler prices, whether it be for a gas boiler, a combination boiler (combi boiler), a condensing boiler or any sort for that matter.

We are very proud of our experience, in-depth expertise, and quality of service we provide in order to meet the customers’ needs. We always aim at exceeding your expectations working with you from the first contact until the end of the process to ensure your total satisfaction. Plus, if for any reason any type of additional unexpected work is required to provide a high-quality installation, our price will not change and will not pay a penny more for your new boiler installation.

Contact LS1 installation to know the new boiler cost at 0207 060 9751 or fill in the online form. We’re looking forward to serve you!

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  • I am so pleased with the seals to my flues!  I have waited for five months to get the work done!!

    Jane Hill, 13th February 2017

  • Wayne was very responsive and efficient, I thought he was a great guy to deal with.
    Excellent service that I would definitely recommend.

    Ms Rogers, 11th February 2014

  • Very pleasant team all the way through from the lads to the office,
    I highly recommend them.

    New Boiler and Central Heating Installation - April 2014

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