Your home is your haven of peace and tranquility and should be a haven of warmth during the long London winter. Although we can’t guarantee the peace and tranquility, we can definitely ensure that your boiler works to its optimal capacity so your house and water stay warm all winter. With this in mind, how much is a new boiler is a question with new meaning. And, in a way, we do contribute to your peace and tranquility when you get a reasonable energy bill.

This is only possible with a state of the art working boiler, something we’re very familiar and even intimate with. With over 100 years of combined experience in the energy sector, we know a lot about boilers working to the best of their abilities and how to fix them when they don’t.

When fixing a boiler is no longer an option or energy bills are very high because of an inefficient boiler system, it’s time to consider having a new boiler installed and, of course, how much is a new boiler will be one of the first things in your mind.

With LS1 Boiler Installation, you get the best boiler for the best price as our quotations are structured in such a way that allow us to be very competitive. Another advantage, is that you only have to ask how much is a new boiler once as our quotes stay the same throughout the process so you do not have any unpleasant surprises along the way. Even in the case that there is additional unexpected work to properly install your new boiler.

Your new boiler will come at a cost but bring a lot of added value to your property. To discover how much is a new boiler for your house, contact us today at 0207 060 9751 or fill in the online form and we’ll be happy to give you our best quotation.